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Eva Himo Saadeh

Eva Himo Saadeh

My name is Eva Himo Saadeh, I am 33 years old and a mother of 4 children. I was born in Israel and lived in Jerusalem my whole life. Among the many languages I learned in school – English, Arabic, Hebrew and French – I loved French the most. Since then, my love for French never faded, and therefore I decided to study French literature and translation at university. So, after many discussions with my parents, I enrolled at the university as a student of French. For me, studying French is a great pleasure and a treasure. In 2010 I finished my B.A-degree in French and have been working as a French teacher until today. At the same time, I kept participating in a “café littéraire” (literary café) where we read and analyzed works of French literature together. I had no doubts that the Hebrew University would be the most suitable place for me to fulfill my dream, expand my knowledge and get my M.A. in French. Despite all the ups and downs, I still feel incredibly excited to learn more. After fulfilling my dream and getting my master’s degree I would like to change my whole life, and I look forward to working with my certificate since it is my pleasure, and to overcome all the hard phases I passed through in order to be well educated and sufficiently empowered. To learn languages is always wonderful, but to learn French is a treasure and a pleasure.