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Department Secretary: Ms. Adva Cohen 
Room 4505, Office hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00-13:00
Tel: 02-5883616

Department Chair: Dr. Yona Hanhart-Marmor


Prof. Yoav Rinon

Prof. Yoav Rinon
Yoav Rinon is a professor in the Department of Comparative Literature and the Department of Classics at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He trained in both fields at the Hebrew University where he received his Ph.D. His scholarly work reflects the integration of these  complementary disciplines, focusing on questions of ethics and poetics. His publications include: The World of the Marquis de SadeHomer and the Dual Model of the Tragic, a verse translation of and commentary (with Luisa Ferretti-Cuomo ) on Dante's Inferno (in Hebrew), and The Crisis in the Humanities (in Hebrew). He is now working on a book on questions of identity in the work of Walter Benjamin.
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